Zaozhuang Luckying Impex Co., Ltd.

Zaozhuang Luckying Impex Co., Ltd.

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Name: Lucky Zhang
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Add: North Zhenxing Road, Shizhong District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Prov., China 277100

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About us


    Zaozhuang Luckying Impex Co., is a committed professional exporter of CNC Machines, Packaging Machines, Baby items, and more China popular items step by step, which are suitable for overseas markets and being their favorites very soon. We're devoted to offer high premium quality China-made products at much competitive ( factory ) wholesale prices for mutual benefits on long-term cooperations base. Doing biz at ease, honestly friendly, we will benefit more from it not suffering. Making biz simple rather than difficult or complex, you will be Lucky doing biz with

    Our factories and suppliers are mainly located in Zaozhuang City, ( or nearby cities/provinces ), South of Shandong Prov., China, which is only about 2 hours by G-train ( China Gaotie ) from Shanghai Hongqiao or Beijing Nan(北京南站)station. Zaozhuang (枣庄站) Station and Tengzhou Dong (滕州东站) Station are both avail to us, within 30 minutes' drive. Welcome friends from allover the world to visit us and share our high quality products as well as local favorite dishes.