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Layer Palletizer higher speed for small or light weight units
Low-level Palletizers are higher priced than 3-axis linear-guides servo driven Bags and cases Palletizer, with spped of 1200 cases/bags per hours, but still much lower prices than same speeds high-level Palletizers. Exact palletizing speeds are subject to bagging line speed, cases filling/closing line speeds, bags/cases sizes and weights.


Full automatic cases Packaging lines are avail upon request, including cases erecting, filling, products labeling, wraping, straping, closing, palletizing, etc.

This low level low bed Layer Palletizer is special for small packages or light weight ones mass batching palletizing.

Bigger sized packages or heavier weight ones better swithch to our High lelev high bed Layer Palletizer model with heavy high bed palletizing platform.

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